There’s a plan?

Yes, the rumours are true – there is a plan…

I’ve been thinking how to structure this blog thingummy in a way that will make it a useful resource – and moreover to make sure it hits the spot somewhere between interesting and informative – hopefully managing both simultaneously! See my introductory post. 

So … I plan to split up the subject matter as best I can into three areas:

1.Public participation in all its many and varied forms (tag/category:pubpart)

2.How my blogging is going – documenting my learning and general web-based flailing around (tag/category:blogging)

3. A few links to interesting bits and pieces that I find lying around the wwweball work and no play is dull after all…. :) (tag/category:stuff)

To try and help you order this info I’m going separately tag all of my off topic non-participation related posts categorise as ‘stuff’, then make sure that all of my public participation and blogging posts have either blogging or pubpart on there as a tag and category. Simple eh?

Er, yes you blogging novice, but what’s this pubpart thing?

Well, what it is not, is something to do with hanging around having a hearty drink, nor is it the opposite of privatepart. (Although thanks for those suggestions people!)

What it IS, is a way of trying to bring together all of the many diverse participation-related resources and information from across youth, health, development, community – all policy areas both online and off by marking them with a recognisable tag in a community tagging project. This could work much like the nptech tag monitored by Beth Kanter in this weekly digest or along the lines of the tag aggregator recently used by ruralnet in their co-design process.

Please check out Tim Davies’ far more considered explanation of how pubpart will work here.

A public participation community certainly exists both in the UK and internationally but as a whole is so loose and fragmented across a number of policy areas and interests that there are few places that draw together expertise from across the board.

[Check out for one such cross-policy participation effort. I think its a good start, but then I am quite biased as I do work for Involve! Let me know what you think about the site on here:) ]

The idea of using a community tagging system like pubpart is one way of further unifying the many different voices out there which touch on various aspects of public participation and involvement, be it edemocracy, social media, PPI networks etc.

I’d be really interested to know what you think about the idea and to know if you’ll be joining in yourself.


My link of today: 

Do poor people use Yahoo and those better off use Google?

If this is so, what does it say about online cultures?



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