My very own netvibes

my netvibes

After yesterday’s organising fest I’m feeling very sorted – so much so that I finally organised my own netvibes homepage into a more ordered and beautiful looking state now featuring a small grassy field ontop.

If you haven’t come across a page like netvibes or pageflakes before it’s worth checking out – very useful for ordering all of the information that flies at you every day – saves alot of time accessing different sites. Here’s a good explanation as to how it works.

Now I just need to clear up the 1490 unread emails up in the top right corner….. hmm

 Motto: Make the net come to you!

RSS feeds are at the heart of how pages like netvibes work.

See Phil Shapiro’s clear explantion of what RSS is/does for you.



  1. That’s interesting – I came across Pageflakes first and like the graphical appeal of the site – are there any other functions that netvibes doesn’t have that would make you choose pageflakes instead? I was also considering switch over to the new one – Webwag?

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