Tonight 9pm : mystreet

Worth checking out mystreet tonight. (TheSun Telegraph TheMail Guardian)

Film maker Sue Bourne takes a camera round the street where she lives and gets to know her neighbours. Simple as that. Communities unite!

I think this is a great concept and also that its very sad that I’m using the words ‘great concept’ to describe what should be normal human interaction with one’s neighbours… participation engagement involvement and communities are sometimes just ways of re-learning things we’ve forgotten how to do – ie. saying hello to each other and getting to know what’s going on around where we live by having a bit of a chat.

When I moved from Newcastle to London a year or so ago it took a long time to get out of the habit of talking to strangers on public transport… well, I haven’t given that up entirely as yet … but I think they think that I’m the weird one!

Ah, who’s to say? :)


 PS. If you don’t fancy that there’s always Mitchell&Webb’s new series on the other side!



  1. Did you see it last night? I saw most of it but then my cold took hold and had to head off to bed – it is amazing how segregated our communities are – people who lived on that street who didn’t know each other – made me think about my street and how I only know one neighbour – how awful is that??

  2. Yes – I watched the whole thing – the guy with tourette’s syndrome gets admitted to hospital and then dies at the end. It does make you want to say hello to your neighbours a little more – but having said that- I know I still haven’t spoken to mine properly except to discuss our boundary wall!

    What do you think about local online forums and meetups to kickstart saying hello as people are too reserved to just knock on a door? I’m not convinced myself and think that knocking on the door is the better option- but that these tools can help afterwards to keep people in touch.

    There’s some forum reaction to the show here

    Hope your cold’s getting better! :)

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