Principles for Public Engagement : Your comments sought

Involve have been working with the National Consumer Council, Diane Warburton, and the Sustainable Development Commission to draw together some principles for effective deliberative engagement.

The draft document is now available for your comments – and the team is looking to get your input by March 14th. 

The guidance questions are:

  • do the Principles and accompanying text strike you as relevant? 
  • in what ways / what situations might you use them (if at all)?
  • how do you think the set of Prinicples might change / support / hinder effective public engagement practice?
  • who do you think would most benefit from the Principles?
  • how would you like to see the final Principles ‘rolled out’ (if at all) and by whom? (e.g. as a continual draft, as decree from government, as guidelines from Involve/NCC)
  • how might you be able to support that process?
  • Please do pass the link onto your contacts – the more input the better.

    Happy commenting!

    Access the documents here.



    1. the term ‘effective deliberative engagement’ straight away made me not want to engage! Is it not possible to write these things in plain English or are there clear benefits to using fancy new terminology (for the public I mean not the consultants that coin the phrase!)

    2. Hi – yes, I definitely get where you’re coming from with this – I’ll pass the feedback on to those running the online consultation!

      Thanks Mike :)

      Anybody else have reflections on this/…? After all, tomorrow’s a whole new blog…

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