Green works

This weekend I went to Wembley to buy a chair.

Who cares?

Well, it wasn’t just any old chair, it was a super functional fancy orthapedic office chair.

Still not interested in your chair story…

Ok ok, here’s the relevance. It was from an enormous store house up near Wembley run by an organisation called Greenworks. It  originally came from Rio Tinto’s offices (there’s a sticker on the back of most of the furniture- Rothschild’s gave away some lovely stuff- unsurprisingly!) and cost a mere £80- compared to the £300 price tag when new…

What Greenworks do is to take office furniture from big companies and sell it on to the rest of us at very bargainous prices.

They have a great selection to suit all budgets and they particularly target their services at schools, community and voluntary groups and the charity sector in general – there’s a discount for registered charities.

They have quite a few branches – find one near you.

Great selection, great service and ethos –  spread the word!



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