Eparticipation/empowerment symposium

Yep, that’s where I’ve been the last couple of days – very eclectic bunch of people were there.

Check out comment on Hazel Blears’ keynote speech from myself and Richard Wilson on the Guardian blog where we take a look at the usual suspects issue, culture clash and time to engage. (Makes more sense when you read it!) ;)

 It’s a  tricky area to call a successful conference together on and there were more positives than negatives- good to see a truly international audience. However, the levels of understanding and variety of approaches to participation (ie. is it campaigning,  consultation, changing your local neighbourhood, is it democracy or engagement – does any of this stuff matter – is it all participation?!) made for a refreshing mix of opinion but also a mismatch of audience to discussion on some occasions.

 Did you go? Let me know….

 I’ll be writing up more detailed stuff on this in  later posts but have to go for now :)

PS. New chapel worth every penny thanks Lars! Greenworks much recommended.



  1. Casey,

    Yeah, indeed eclectic as a conference.
    You point out a central point which is about what participation supposed to be? Or, at least, how each one understands participation. That should be a compulsory first slide for every speaker: “my understanding of participation / empowerment is…”
    I will start to do that from now on : )

  2. Hey Tiago – you are absolutely right of course ;) Things can get extremely confusing once all parties involved in a conversation are defining participation as being something taking place on very different levels or with differing subtleties:

    More on ladders and levels etc.etc. here:




    As seen in the differences in those three posts alone – there is plenty of room for confusion over terms!

    Cutting a long story short: Yes, it’s always helpful to be clear on this from the outset! :)

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