Two weeks on : update on the blogsperiment

Well I’ve been blogging away for two weeks now. Time to take a quick look back and see what I’ve learned so far… plus a quick note on Jemaine’s lips.

Originally, I said I have been put off blogging before for three main reasons:

1) Convinced I won’t have enough time or inclination to update it
2) What’s the use? I won’t have anything interesting or useful to say that hasn’t already been said by someone wiser.
3) Blogging is something other people do – I’m a commenter not a writer! It’s just ‘not me’.
Well, in response to the concerns above I have learned the following:
1) I have actually enjoyed it so far and particulary the meeting of new people with plenty of enthusiasm and ideas who I probably wouldn’t have beein in touch with otherwise. Time to update is the main problem for me so far – there are a couple of draft blogs waiting to go up that I haven’t had time to finish off properly. For me, the best blogs are brief and to the point with a few key  links – I feel that works best.
2) I think I’m over my insecurity complex on that, though there is a related point here….
3) I guess what I mean by this is that on the web I usually find time to post up a quick reaction or two on others’ blogs or consultations from time to time but previously hadn’t naturally been inclined to find the spare time to write my own longer articles up just for the sake of it. I think this is still true – my preferred blog posting style is more of a comment than a developed article – I save that stuff for my dayjob!
Just to let you know how its going statswise 
My least popular day was the first Sunday when a mere 4 readers came on to check out my genius. (Quality not quantity darling) then went on to peak at an astounding, mindboggling 76 in one day. Yes, I know- this is the bigtime.
I am currently looking at how I can make this blog more useful to people looking for tips on blogging and Web 2.0 in general and will be creating pages with ‘how to’ sections in the near future looking at things like social bookmarking, writing your first comment on a blog, creating your own blog, offline participation/facilitation tips, using rss feeds, using youtube – whatever else comes to mind.
Hopefully this will be helpful for those many confused souls out there looking for a bit of basic support! If anyone has suggestions then let me know.
Update over- will keep you posted on similar matters in another couple of weeks.
PS. Only one person has clicked on my Larry David blogroll link in the whole two weeks. Nobody at all has clicked on Flight of the Conchords! Tragoedia :'(
The least you could do is to check out Jemaine’s lips!! This is the real life incident that inspired the same scene in the show…not that I’m the fanbase or innything.


  1. I’ve been blogging since Feb. 21 — a bit less than you. I have found it amazing. It opened up discussions with my own family old and young, far and wide, it helped me ramp up my writing, and it showed me what other people are thinking — I see we all have a lot in common

  2. Hey Alice

    Glad to see the blogsperiment going well :)

    (And liking the new word… I think I shall have to work up a presentation on ‘blogsperimentation’)

    I’ve had to learn not to worry too much about the one or two posts that get missed… I must be up to about 30 draft almost-right-but-not-quite blogs waiting for me to get to do something with them…

    Some just run out of time (no longer relevant) – but others are still there, helping me to work out what I think of something over time… perhaps one day to see the light as a vaugley coherent post or at the very least a coherent question…

    Will have to see…

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