Nine lords a blogging…

Yes, I knew it would happen eventually – the House of Lords has gotten wind of my blogsperiment and is now seeking to replicate its stunning success with a blogsperiment of their very own supported by the Hansard Society.

Nine Lords from across the house are collaborating on a six-month blogging experiment – the idea being that a more direct interaction can take place between members of the House and society in general. I think its a great idea and commend those taking part for taking a pretty bold step forward in the name of public engagement!

The main risks this kind of project faces are that either a) nobody interacts or b)someone with a grudge or single issue concern takes over the commenting. They’ve managed to address b) to a certain extent by having a robust commenting policy but its up to others to help avoid a) … Yes, go and make your own comment today!

We have seen other promising signs in the public realm blogosphere lately in the form of Sir Nev BK‘s blog entries – the latest being something about a supercomputer… he seems like a bit of an old boy all in all – (check out the computer photo ;)  but hey, its a start! I’m looking forward to reading more from the Lords of the blog though!

PS. I am looking for some Ken-related campaign outreach to investigate as a partner to the Boris-posts I’ve added recently. If anyone knows of any participatory mayoral-type activity I should be focusing on then let me know!


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