Barcamp UK Youth Online

Sign up to join in the UK Youth Online barcamp here!

Er- hang on a sec – what’s a barcamp?

Imagine a conference without the boring bits – something a whole lot more…  participative… There’s a somewhat more specific explantion of the youth barcamp here at Tim Davies’ blog, and more generally on the barcamp concept here

As its so unlike a real conference sometimes people also call it an unconfrence! Funny funny people.

Who is the Barcamp UK Youth Online for….?



Youth workers,

Web people,

Participation folk,

Young people,

Youth web managers,

Reporters and broadcasters,


Campaigners….. the list goes on!

Basically anyone interested in young people’s positive interactions with the web. If that includes you- sign up!

I’ve already signed up to do something participatory or campaign-related…. you don’t have to decide exactly what you want to contribute straight away.

For more details click here.


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