Older Web Users: Response from YouTube Geriatric : aka Peter!

Here’s a great response from Geriatric1927 (aka Peter) to my post below:

On older people and the web, he says:

 “The first question that always comes up is “what do I want one for? and what would I do with it? Well of course we all know from experience that those who do take the plunge do find many things to do with a computer and the Internet. The availability to research anything that intersts them on any subject in the world. The availability to be able to contact in real time others from all over the world including of course their own relations. Only two of the more common things of course but two that would interest older people I think.The second common question is the fear that the technloghy and the jargan are too complicated to understand. Not true of course and not necessary to know these things as computersa are very sophisticated and almost impossible to break. After all one could remind them that it is not necessary to know how a car engine works to be able to drive it and like a computer it is designed that way.

Thirdly is the matter of cost. A very real concern for many it is to be admitted but the older gerneration these days but prices are coming down all of the time and also there are a great many of the older computers that people have updated that could be made available. Maybe one that could be passed on by a memeber of their own family.”

Thank you Peter! :)

For those of you wanting more Peter’s website AskGeriatric addresses some of the points mentioned above in more detail.


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