Do the Green Thing – or try to….

I’ve been trying my best to do the green thing for the last month… and have succeeded in the main, however, there’s a long way to go before I become a carbon-neutral!

What is the green thing?

It’s a motivational network to try and shimmy people along who have good inentions (but poor self-discipline ;) …) to pick up some eco-friendly habits. The principle is that lots of small positive actions will add up to a large scale positive impact on the environment.

The way this works in practice is as follows:

  1. You sign up to the Green Thing community: here
  2. Each month Green Thing introduce a new, small, change you can make in your habits to go more eco-friendly.
  3. You get occasional email updates to motivate you to keep up with those changes.
  4. You sign into your user account to say how you did it. Eg. I put down that I did it ‘on my way to work’ about the walking not driving challenge… (I’m sure you can all get a bit more creative with the how section than me!)
  5. You get an indication of the Co2 savings you’ve made.

I think its a good way of nudging yourself into changing lifestyle habits – the main one I’m struggling with is taking  shorter showers- hmmm. They may have to ration water before that happens…!

Environmental issues are a good topic for this kind of network – but would be interesting to see how this could work in other settings too… say health and fitness or community involvement. The key is that people have to volunteer to do it, there must be some willingness to change your habits – its not going to work for the dedicated bottle water drinking 4×4 drivers amongst us! ;)


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