Archbishop participates!

Refreshed from my hols… back to the blog!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I’m currently involved in running an innovative pilot consultation method called Say&PlayThis is what Archbishop Rowan Williams (a Lambeth resident himself) had to say about his experience of participation on the day. (The reason he’s looking down in that way is cause my vertically challenged self is holding the camera!)

The events have been going well, with good turnout and participation rates to date, and two more in the pipleine. The idea of Say&Play is to use low-barrier engagement methods in a community setting (in this case, schools) with the hope that this will encourage people who don’t normally engage with local decision-making to take part.

(The rather mysterious sounding ‘low-barrier methods’ are in fact things like using sticky dot voting, peas in jars, comment slips, video blogs and graffiti walls.)


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