Best of a bad bunch ;)

Unsure which London Mayoral genius to vote for?

Check out what the folks over at Unlock Democracy have come up with… a rather nifty interactive tool to help you uncover which mayoral candidate’s policies best match your own priorities. Excellent stuff….clear interface and tangible, useful outputs. Just how I like my eDemocracy in the mornings… mmmmhm.

PS. This is what they have to say about it:

What is Vote Match?

Unlock Democracy has teamed up with the Netherlands-based Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek (IPP) to launch Vote Match UK ( Our first project will be based around the 2008 London Mayoral and Assembly election

Vote Match is a short quiz that voters can fill in to match their views with the views of the election candidates. In the interests of minimising any unintended biases, the tool is intended to be as transparent as possible:

  • Candidates and parties will be asked to provide their own answers based on their own published policy.
  • Users can include and/or exclude parties and candidates from the survey as they see fit and add extra weight to those issues which they consider to be important.
  • The website does not simply give you an answer – it shows you how the results are calculated.

Vote Match is not about telling people how to vote and we do not support any political party. Rather, it is about encouraging voters to consider which issues are important and informing them about where the parties and candidates stand.It ha sbeen shown that in every country Vote Match has become an important part of the political landscape (Such as the Netherlandsand Germany) turn out has increased after people used Vote Match. In fact in the Netherlands over 35% of the Electorate use the tool during general elections witha 15% higher turnout amongst those who used the tool then those who didnt.  

Vote Match 08 website:



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