Pledgebank – free range chicken

Something I’ve found useful to motivate a group of like-minded activists around a particular topic… Pledgebank, another cool idea from the MySociety people. Here’s my own pledge to go free-range in 2007…not me personally you understand, more to do with the chicken and eggs I purchase!

 I managed to get 38 people over my original target, so was pretty pleased with the results! The only thing I did to publicise my own pledge was to post on Facebook.

I do email the group from time to time with news of the various free-range campaigns going on including the Hugh FW campaign as aired on Channel4 earlier this year.  I just wonder how everyone is sticking to their pledge to join me in going free-range…? I’ve had feedback from around six particularly enthusiastic people… but the other 40 or so have remained silent participants so far…


PS. Thanks to protohiro for the chicken image….


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