Mayoral reactions : Election shocker – People care!

I couldn’t resist picking up on a few of the reactions to the Mayoral election results. It’s refreshing to see this democratic exercise has actually made people feel passionately about politics!

Here are some of my favourites:

  • A Henley-on-Thames view can be read here. Ending on the comment: “Whether (in spite of his goodwill and determination) Boris will really be enough to reduce the number of young black men being shot in London remains to be seen.”
  • ‘Have we elected the snorkmaiden?’ Find out here as JonNagl points out – ‘he’s the kind of candidate Nathan Barley would vote for isn’t he?’
  • A Lib Dem standpoint from James Graham of quaequam blog can be read in the Guardian’s Comment is Free
  • David Thompson’s round up of comments worth a look, including an interesting quote from Vivienne  Westwood saying the results “expose democracy as a sham. Especially if people don’t vote for Ken.” Which does seem to indicate a delightful misunderstanding of the entire democratic system.
  • An alternative, green viewpoint from philobiblon
  • ‘What a disgrace!’ – an angry reaction against Boris’ racist comments from Charcol Ink
  • ‘Bertie Wooster elected!’ runs the headline on John Naughton’s blog. He also makes the point that “Labour has been in power so long that it’s become boring. The man on the Clapham omnibus thinks it’s time for a change. It’s nothing to do with a belief that Cameron & Co are wonderful, or even competent.”
  • A totally different mini-insight into the election observers – backroom bods behind the headlines.
  • A brief thank you to Ken from Miranda Grell.
  • News Post India’s view on Boris’ win, the successes of the BNP and the acheivements of Ken




  1. Up here in Oneonta NY we have a 21 year old man/student running for Mayor. Jason Corrigan is running for mayor of Oneonta this November.

    He is one of the brightest, and involved young candidates to come along in over 20 years up here. He was recently featured in an article in the Albany Times and has great support for his campaign. Corrigan is part of a growing body of mayors under the age of 30 who are improving small cities all over the United States.

    We are hoping he gets elected and turns out the old “do nothing” politicians we currently have in Oneonta city government.

  2. This guy is everywhere these days in newspapers, the radio, and now television as well. I follow a lot of blogs and he has three out there from people who support his campaign.

    What’s really impressive though is not the attention that the media is giving him, it’s not his age either, it’s the fact that he is already working to get jobs in Oneonta. He recently announced that he is looking to bring green energy jobs into Oneonta by working with GE while also trying to bring AMTRAK in order to make the city a commuter’s destination.

    His opponents havn’t done anything at all so far and they are the “qualified” ones. A lot of my friends and my family are very impressed and are rooting for him to win.

  3. Jason came out to PFLAG’s community picnic yesterday to support the gay community. It was great having him there as no other politician or candidate in this upcoming election has even approached us. I think Jason should be our next mayor as he is certainly concerned with Oneonta’s people and wants to work for us, not above us.

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