Pangea day, spritzers and a chicken drumstick

Well – I made it along to Pangea day in the end. When I say in the end, I mean that I got round to it after a fashion, because when the weather is glorious and you begin barbecuing then its mighty difficult to break off and go to some event perceived as being ‘worthy’.

Exciting though the concept is; once indelicately armed with a chicken drumstick and a white wine spritzer, it became rather difficult to get up the enthusiasm to go into town and watch ‘meaningful’ stuff.

“For god’s sake! I work during the week don’t I? I deserve a rest at the weekend without soul-searching and trying to understand other cultures and perspectives through a series of specially commissioned films…. [waves drumstick for emphasis] … don’t I?”

Well- my inner goodwill won over spritzer-induced-evil and I made it up to Somerset house in time to see some of the films and to experience the live broadcast across the globe, and ‘m very glad I did make it out of the comfort zone and onto the cobblestones of Somerset House.

I’ve said before – I like the idea of Pangea day – bringing different perspectives forward through human stories that all sides can understand, and making the whole thing into a global event. Marvellous. And it was pretty good – but the main problem was really that…

The event finished. After going through the journeys and making connections with new ideas and points of view through film, you were kind of left hanging there asking… what next?

“Log on to the website” just isn’t enough to sustain something more than a one-off emotional connection.

Let’s see what develops next year when these initial foundations can be built upon…


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  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for commenting on my blog and it is great to hear from you. Your blog is pretty interesting as it covers broad topics that highlight what is going on in a social context. From what I read in your blog, it seems that Pangea Day event in UK (if I understand correctly) went well. I am glad that you pointed out that something has to be done to move beyond the philosophy presented by Pangea Day, since I felt exactly the same – ‘what’s next’?

    I’ve been always interested in thinking about and doing something that really matters to the society. To me, in any field or discipline, one can either choose to live for one’s own happiness or for happiness for people in general. Such choice determines how one behaves, thinks and pursues their profession. At least in my field (biomedical research), I believe that there should be more people in the future who are initiative enough to think globally, putting science into the social context.

    Pangea Day has sparked me to start a blog on this matter – ideas and actions that will bring the world together to make our world a better place. I am excited about my blog and I will continue posting articles. Please drop by and let’s stay in touch.


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