The last word.

I originally said I would run this blogsperiment for three months. The original first post which explains my rationale can be read here.

Well, three months have gone by pretty quickly, and sadly, its time for me to say goodbye :'(

Thanks to my mother, my one anonymous commenter- and of course the viagra spammers for making this a really special three months.










Only joking!!!!!!!!!! I have decided to stay on with the blogging – has been a really rewarding experience so far. :P Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the idea behind the scenes and of course particularly to the commenters! Over the summer, expect to see a facelift on this blog, maybe even a transfer to another blogging platform…. and a general tightening up and organisationfest. But whatever happens expect to see more of me and my participation ponderings and terrible, terrible jokes.


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