Armchair Involvement – NHS tech project goes live!

I(nvolve) started working on a project for the NHS Institute last year looking at how new technology can offer opportunities for people to engage in healthcare more effectively. (Think preventative health agenda and Wanless report/s.)

Needless to say, by the time we’d been through all of the research and written the thing up, you could have added so much more to the final document- it looked like things were going out of date – and fast!

As a result we worked with the Institute to make a webspace out of the document with some interactive elements to encourage sharing of ideas amongst NHS staff – you can comment on reccomendations and themes of the report and also upload relevant projects.

The idea is to introduce a more collaborative way of working into the research and dissemination process – which can otherwise be quite a dry and static experience- and to kickstart the process of moving forward with implementation of new tech/health ideas.

Would be great to have some input into the site and some feedback on how to go forward with the ideas behind the project, and of course, please pass on the info to healthcare types.

Here’s the link to the main site.




  1. Hi

    I read the post and wished to say something so went to the NHS link.

    There is nothing immediately visible to encourage us to communicate with the site, or maybe I missed it.

    So I came back here

    The best web site I have found after patientopinion ( because that is about hospitals and I don’t want to have to go to one of those ) is patientslikeme in the US.

    Of course being on the web anyone can join and the focus of their care is preventative and explanatory with other patients.

    Maybe it could be brought across to the UK

  2. Hi Alex – thanks for checking out the page!

    Admittedly on that home page link above it does say “There are opportunities for you to contribute your views on each page” and then doesn’t have a link to comment on that initial intro (…. though each page beyond that first level menu does have the opportunity to comment. ) I’ll pass this on to the web folks right now.

    Patientslikeme looks great – thanks for flagging up the link. The UK equivalent is DIPex – which is one of the best things I’ve seen coming out of health web info –

    there is also Patient Voices which is very good too:

    If you have further thoughts would be great to hear from them – especially from the US experience.

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