#rebootbritain : social by social and interactive charter

I went to the NESTA Reboot Britain conference on Monday afternoon. My top two ideas to watch were:

1) Social by Social : New book/website looking in a practical way at how social media offers opportunities for social change. Check out the link. Sponsored by NESTA and written by David Wilcox, Andy Gibson, Amy Sample Ward and Nigel Courtney and Clive Holtham of Cass Business School.

2) Interactive Charter : Tim Davies and Paul Evans were joined by Tom Watson MP and Jeremy Gould to launch a charter for developing and improving how social media is used in a government context. Again, they can explain it far better than me over at the website linked to above!

The point is that both of these ideas have something in common that is very important to me, namely – a way of looking beyond what happens online into practical ‘real world’ application and culture change. If social media is going to make a real difference to the way we operate our social and governance systems, then we need more practical projects like these to lead the way forward. Let’s move from rhetoric and discussion into more piloting and learning.



  1. Thanks Alice – you are so right about looking beyond the tech. Not just what’s it good for practically, but what different attitudes and approaches does it support. To do that we need more cross-overs between engagement experts and social media experts. We tried mixing the methods in our game session at Reboot Britain, and came up with a package to Save Slaghampton. Fancy co-hosting a re-run – at a neighbourhood of your choosing, real or fictional? With the Interactive Charter team invited too, of course. Tim now has a really neat way of creating and printing the game cards.

  2. Hey Alice. Thanks so much for the positive feedback :)

    I’ve just been making some tweaks to the Interactive Charter set-up on Mixed Ink at http://mixedink.com/PICampPracticalParticipation/Interactivecharter where we’re hoping to get lots of lovely input into shaping the commitment to change statement, which we can back-up with a practical toolkit of stuff.

    Definitely agree that the time for talking is over – and it’s time to just roll up our sleeves and engage with the messy bits where digital ideals meet day-to-day work processes – and to do it in a way that means we are on the side of the ideals.

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