Why I’m going on a Digital Detox

I’m writing this to you from my WordPress app for Android on my much loved HTC desire. I’m also on the bus in to work. Last night I fell asleep hugging my laptop. I need help.

credit : vancouverfilmschool

Last year, just before Christmas break, I did a little tally up of the amount of time I spent on-line or screen-struck. The results were frightening! I was racking up around 60hrs/week screentime!

After wrapping the travelling carnival of presents and locating my tickets home for the holidays, I turned to my phones and computers, their sweet little blue LED lights blinking away at me like the eyes of so many endearing children.

Gritting my  teeth, I pulled their plugs, resolving to go on an extreme digital diet over Christmas. I didn’t go cold turkey(ha!), but I did drastically downsize my relationship with my beloved digitools.

Now back in the city, I am once again glued to the screen and instantly feeling less zen-like.

What to do?

Going on a fairly radical digidiet helped to get some perspective on the way I use web and mobile; when it adds something to my life, and when it takes away.

However, just knowing that didn’t stop me embracing the gadgets in full on my return to work because, well, I like them, and they are very useful!

In short, cutting it out completely just isn’t doable or desirable.

There was only one thing to do… make them work for me and not the other way round. A digital new years resolution…. a digital Detox!

My guiding principles

  • No mobile or laptop in bedroom
  • Locate all charging points in an ‘office’ space when at home
  • Don’t check email Twitter or Facebook unless you intend to spend time responding
  • If you don’t have to read or plan on screen, do it on paper or whiteboard
  • Don’t use phone and computer at the same time (especially for unrelated things!)
  • Close your email account alerts so you don’t get interrupted
  • Why sit down when on the computer… stand up more when browsing!
  • Save up small messages til you have dead time to use up, then take care of q a few
  • Don’t turn on the computer as soon as you arrive at home or work

That’s an insight into some of my dreadful habits, and a starter for me to kick off a more digitally healthy new year.

Check out this useful quiz and article from wikihow!

If you have any tips, let me know!


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