I’m interested in the way that people are changing the society around them using new technology and new ways of organising, collaborating and connecting. This blog helps me to think about those things.

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“Only connect”

E.M. Forster, Howards End, Epigraph


  1. In greater Manchester we are creating a network of smartcard vendors (Nhs/Bus Companies/football clubs etc) that currently all work in isolation but share common-ish technology platforms. Getting them to collaborate around the customer’s needs will make those that participate more effective and more efficient – rifle shots, not shotgun.

    BUT one big thing, these vendors can only use our customer-centric platform (which is a CIC) IF they can prove that in so doing they make the lives of individuals healthier, wealthier or happier.

    So these smartcards become loyalty cards giving rewards for good behaviour, like not eating crap or taking more exercise. or using the bus or shopping local, or even investing in time bank work. Vendors will find that working together to deliver mashed up rewards makes it much more compelling for customers to participate in the network esp if a #VRM platform underpins it.

    Taking control back from big corps and govt is important if the gulf between rich and poor is to be narrowed since the lobbyists exert too much influence on the politicians for them to have the bottle to stand up to their messaging. It takes someone with the strength of Obama to deal with industry – motor car industry for example – and i don’t see Brown, Cameron or Clegg being able to create a sledgehammer that smashes into smithereens the various vested interests that exist to keep pushing people things that aren’t good for them – like alcohol and junk food for example.

    Which is why this new participatory system must be owned and managed by us, and not busisness or govt as we don’t trust them anymore do we? No, trust yourself and others like you is what i say. It’s OUR time now, they’ve had their chance.

  2. Hi Alice,

    I am currently pursuing my Masters on Innovation Management at University of Manchester, and I am working on my dissertation in an area I learned you are an expert in.

    My research is supervised by the Eddie Davis Professor of Innovation Strategy, Professor Joseph Lampel, and I would be very grateful if you would kindly share your insights or allow me access to perhaps learn/gather data/have access to communicate with NESTA?

    Thank you so much in advance and I look forward to your favourable response :)

    Best regards,

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